License Plate Reading Camera Locations

License Plate Reader Cameras
License Plate Reader Cameras

A lot of drivers get confused about the different types of cameras being used.  Drivers often confuse traffic cameras (located on the top of traffic lights) with red light cameras (located on the side of the road).  These cameras are license plate readers and are using track vehicles and are not used to enforced speeding or red-light running.  

The use of license plate reading cameras is rapidly on the rise.  If you would like to read more about them see this Arstechnica article.    

We recently started a new category (license plate camera) in our database to track license plate reading cameras simply to minimize the confusion about the different types of cameras with our readers.  We get hundreds of erroneous red light cameras locations submitted to our database every month.  When in fact these locations are license plate but most likely traffic flow monitoring cameras. Having a new category of cameras we track in the database should help minimize driver confusion. 

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