10 Questions If Your Photo Enforcement Database is Current?

time to update

10 questions to ask to confirm if your photo enforcement database is complete and up-to-date?

1)  How many locations have been deleted in the last 5 years?
2)  Do you have school safety zones and speed camera locations?
3)  Are interested in toll road and HOV camera locations?
4)  Are you interested in the bus lane and stop sign camera locations?
5)  Are you familiar with the new red light sensors on traffic lights?
6)  How many of your locations are actually traffic monitoring cameras?
7)  Which States have removed the most red-light cameras in the last few years.
8)  Which Cities have added the most red light camera locations?
9)  Which States, Cities & Counties have banned red-light cameras?
10)  Which States have increased fines recently.

Here is our most recent database count.

red light camera database stats

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