Beware of the Red Light Camera Phone Scam

Red light camera ticket phone scam alert

According to police, thousands of residents across the U.S. have been reporting to have received phony phone calls from a male suspect who claims to be a police officer. That suspect also claimed to each victim that he was collecting money for their supposed previous red-light camera violation(s).   He then threatens individuals about jail time, to suspend their license and a court date.  He says that their fine is due by a certain time or they can pay if over the phone to him directly.

Here are some communities that have experienced the scam and the news media has reported on it.  Read some of the stories we were able to find below.

League City, California
Fort Bend County, Texas
Jacksonville, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Bridgewater, New Jersey
Charles County, Maryland
East Texas, Texas

We have found several users of our site searching for the term "A93820014BS" recently from the following cities.