How Much is a Toll Road Violation?

E-Z Pass Toll Violation
E-Z Pass & Fastrak Use Photo Enforcement to Catch Drivers Who Don't Pay Toll Road or Toll Bridge Fines. The administration fee is typically between $25 and $55 dollars plus the toll(s) you may have missed. I believe Fastrak does enable you to remove the fines if you purchase a transponder and fund an account.  
E-Z Pass Toll Transponder
If your car does not have a transponder similar to this above you might have received a ticket if you were on a toll road and did not pay the fee.  Or if you were on a bridge and drove through without paying.  
Pay Toll Photo Enforced
You have the option to pay with coins or dollar bills at a bin like this.  Does it always work?  That is a question for someone else. 
3+ Lane Violation $271
A toll road ticket is different that the 3+ HOV violation fine which is $271 below.  This is for driving an HOV lane but is only enforced by an police office who pulls you over.