Tracking Cyclist Who Run Red Lights

Apparently, cyclists in Australia are deliberately flouting road rules by running red lights and endangering other road users. Most escape prosecution because they cannot be identified.  There is no number plate or similar form of identification on a bicycle and facial recognition is not possible because the traffic safety camera takes photographs from the rear.

Red light camera photographic evidence provided by Police shows cyclists are snapped running through red lights but avoid any penalty - otherwise incurred by motorists - unless police are on the scene.  Cyclists in Australia have a greater chance of being picked up for not wearing a helmet, with 14,798 fines handed out in the past five years. In the same period, 2207 were booked for not having the correct lighting and equipment. Police issued 690 fines to cyclists ignoring traffic signals from January 1, 2007, to December 31, 2011, but many more escaped the law.  Read full story.