Why Democratic Lawmakers Love Red Light Cameras?

Why Do Democrats Love Red Light Cameras More Than Republicans?

Democratic lawmakers and camera company lobbyists have been getting very cozy in the last few years.  A lot more than Republican according to our recollection of stories we read in the papers. There is one simple reason that Democrats tend to like these cameras more than Republicans.  More money!  Republicans typically want less government and Democrats will seek any new revenue opportunity available.  We have read several news articles over the past few years and there is a one common theme behind each legislative effort.  A Democrat is behind the lobbying effort.  

Connecticut is just one of the many States and Cities in throughout the U.S. considering to adopt red light camera legislation.  National Coalition for Safer Roads is a group lobbying for support of the cameras in Connecticut that receives funds from Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, a private vendor of red light cameras that has spent more than $100,000 on lobbying in Connecticut since last year.   Democratic lawmakers are pushing hard for the new legislation and are now running up against some resistance.  Read the full story