Rochester, NY Nets Over $1M+ Per Year

Red Light Cameras are watching drivers at 28 different intersections around Rochester. Originally, the city only planned for cameras to be at 22 intersections. Each ticket carries a fine of $50. They have issued about 53,000 tickets since October of 2010. After paying the Arizona company that installs and maintains the cameras, the net revenue recorded for the city was about $600,000 over that time.  Double that for a full year and you have over $1M in revenue.

Rochester plans to add an additional 22 intersections which should be an additional windfall of an additional $1M in cash for the City.  The city of Rochester began operating cameras in October 2010.  Drivers caught running a red light receive a $50 ticket in the mail. If the ticket is not paid, the fine jumps to $75, and eventually the car can be booted or towed.  Ticket cars matched with drivers are mailed photos of their vehicle entering and in the intersection after the light had turned red and a link to a secure website where they can view a video of the alleged infraction.