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Google+ Has Been Removed has just started using Google+ in an attempt to engage further with readers and red light camera database contributors.  Please feel free to post links and articles that might be helpful to our database or for changing laws.  You can find Google+ here and don't forget to add us to your circles.  I also encourage you to follow Jeff Cohn Google+ as well. Twitter and Facebook should also be followed if you use them for actively as well.

I am pretty impressed with what I’ve seen so far in the launch. Its faster and less cluttered than Facebook. One of the key points for me though is that it is very intuitive and more flexible for filtering views. I think Google+ will eventually become the platform for business networking and Facebook will become the standard for friends and family networking. 

Google+ is not a Facebook killer but simply a supplement. If you are a heavy Google users for search, email and advertising like we are then enjoy it for the future.