New Traffic School Laws with Multiple Tickets

How Do Changes to Traffic School Laws Will Affect Those With Multiple Red Light Camera Tickets?

There is a new law effective July 1, 2011, that will affect California Traffic School laws. Say you get multiple red light camera tickets within an 18 month period, well there will no longer be the possibility of taking traffic school more than once. Whereas before repeat violators could still take a Traffic School course if the court allowed it, now the courts will no longer be able to exercise this type of discretion.

The law will no longer allow superior courts to “mask” a conviction as a dismissal after traffic school is taken IF there is already a “masked” conviction on a person’s record within the previous 18 months. So you are still allowed one in 18 months, but there is no chance you can do Traffic School multiple times anymore.

Basically, the purpose of the law is to prevent the Courts from allowing repeat violators more than one Traffic School dismissal within 18 months, so drivers should be aware of this new law, always remember to drive safely, and take special caution at camera enforced intersections.

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