Criminal Justice Debate: Are Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional?

Constitutionality of Red Light Cameras Being Scrutinized Once Again
Since the development of automated traffic enforcement questions have been raised by students of criminal justice and others, and lawsuits have been launched to challenge the constitutionality and fairness of these systems.  Give us your feedback below.

Just last month, an attorney in Orlando Florida spoke out it court arguing the red-light camera law is unconstitutional. For a long time running, many have felt the system robs individuals ticketed of the constitutional rights to due process and equal protection under the law. It is rumored that several other attorneys with clients that have received a red light camera ticket will also go to court this June to argue their cases. This could be the beginning of a statewide revolt against red light cameras that could certainly turn nationwide if word gets around to enough disgruntled motorists

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