Navigon Mobile Navigator Speed Camera Database Review

Don't buy Navigon's USA Speed Camera database that is missing thousands of locations.  The company describes the camera on the iPhone app like Speed Cameras when 90% of the cameras in the US are red-light cameras.  There are only a few hundred-speed cameras operational in the US, unlike Europe which has upwards of 40,000.  Navigon is licensing a database from which says to only have 3,800 locations in the database. 2X the number of the locations in our database which we have been sourcing for 5 years longer than any competitor.  We continue to still have by far the most complete database.

Navigon charges $4.99 for the in-app purchase after paying $34.99 for something you can already do for free using Google Maps.  The company is trying to copy its method of doing business in Europe which has ten times more speed cameras than the USA.  They also charge you $14.99 to view traffic which you can also do for free using Google maps on an Android or iPhone.