Are Red Light Camera Fines Too High?

Fines for Red Light Camera Tickets Going Up?

Do you think the fines for red lights are already too high? According to the State of California Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule, the base fine amount for a Red Light Ticket is $400.00. However, if you have received a ticket you know that additional costs add up to about $497.  The base cost for the same type of ticket last year would have yielded $380.00. The $20.00 increase, added to the already high ticket fine for a red light camera, is just another reason that many California motorists are opting to their fight red light camera ticket instead of just paying it.

The cost of your actual ticket will of course be more than the base fine after added court fees. For example, a court security fee of $30.00 could be added and a conviction assessment of $35.00 could be added in addition to the base bail.

On top of the fine increase from last year, there are certain counties in California (including Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno County just to name a few) that are allowed by law to impose a fine that is greater than the base fine amounts listed in the Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule and thus the reason fines are almost $500. 

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