Witness Statement for Red Light Camera Ticket

Get a Witness Statement When Fighting a Red Light Camera Ticket

When a person gets a red light camera ticket, one thing often overlooked, is the value a passenger can provide should you decide to fight a red light camera ticket. Anyone in the car with you at the time the picture was taken can provide a witness statement. This is especially helpful in situations where the weather conditions prevented you from stopping in time, there was a car tailgating preventing you from being able to stop short, or maybe there was a large truck ahead of you blocking your view of the light as it passed through the intersection.

In these situations, really all you have is your own word; however any passengers can back up your position. Any witness statement you plan to provide to the court, make sure it’s notarized otherwise for all the court knows, you wrote the statement yourself. It’s worth paying a couple bucks to a Notary Public in order to make the witness statement credible. Think about it, the court is on the fence as to whether or not to believe your story, having that witness statement to back up your story with, can give you that winning edge.

Contributed by ticketbust, helping drivers contest and dismiss their traffic tickets.