Radar Detectors at Best Buy & Amazon

Best Buy & Amazon Radar Detectors on Sale

While shopping today we discovered the following devices on display at Best Buy.  The store was located in California so it's not surprising that the aisle was empty since it's virtually impossible to get a speeding ticket on congested roads.  However, we were wondering if any of these devices had GPS inside and were able to warn you if you were getting close to any red light cameras?

The Passport 9500ix is the only device that uses satellites for GPS navigation to pinpoint your exact location and compares it to the detector's on-board database of red light and speed camera locations.  An alert goes off as you approach an intersection with an audible and visual alert.  There is no information on how the company has acquired its database of locations and no information on how to update it.  If they truly want to have industry incredibility about the number of locations I would recommend they disclose the number of red-light cameras in their database.  I can guarantee you they don't have all the 7,000 locations that we have in our red light camera database.