Still No TomTom Red Light Camera POI Database

Still No TomTom Red Light Camera US POI Database Available

Here is an email I received from TomTom today posing the following question:  Is there a US photo enforced locations database is available on your navigation devices?  The answer was NO.  Read below. 
"Thank you for taking the time to contact TomTom Customer Support. My name is Amanda and we are always happy to help. I understand that you would like to know if US photo enforced locations database is available for developers. We understand your concern, please be assured I will do my best to answer your query. I would like to inform you that, US photo enforced locations database is currently unavailable for US developers. I regret for the inconvenience caused. We value your suggestions for improvements to our products and services. Suggestions are gathered and organized to understand the areas our customers are most interested in enhancing. Our Product Managers review all feedback to determine future enhancements and products. Many of our current products and updates offer features based on customer suggestions. We certainly value our esteemed customers like you."
The fact that no US photo enforced database is available is amazing considering started to receive interest from TomTom back in 2005 about licensing our database.  TomTom is known for trying to do everything themselves and that results in the garbage in and garbage out.  The photo enforcement notification business is big for TomTom in Europe and probably multiple million-dollar businesses for them.  Why haven't they been able to get it going in the US with their mapping partner TeleAtlas?