Rochester New York Red Light Cameras

Up to 50 intersections in Rochester, New York will eventually be equipped with Red Light Cameras. Cameras are now up at the first three intersections in an attempt to catch drivers running red lights. They include State and Jay Streets, Alexander and Broadway and North Street and Clifford Avenue.

The cameras will capture still and video images of vehicles in the act of a red-light violation, which will initiate the procedure to deliver a Notice of Liability, to the registered owner of the vehicle. The violation is a civil matter and will not be reported to insurance companies or generate points on a driver’s license.

Evidence captured by the Red Light Cameras will be reviewed by the Rochester Police Department before the Notice of Liability is delivered in the mail. Vehicle owners are responsible for violations by operators of their vehicles. Vehicle owners will have an opportunity to appeal the Notice or pay the fine. The civil violation carries an initial $50 fine. If the initial fine is not paid within 30 days an additional penalty of $25 will be assessed.

The program will begin with a 15 day warning period, when warning letters will be sent.
The cameras operate 24 hours a day and capture still photographs and video of every vehicle that runs a red light at the intersection. Cameras photograph only the vehicle and the license plate of vehicles running the red lights. No images of the driver or passengers are captured. Each set of images of a red light violation are reviewed and approved by the Rochester Police Department before a Notice of Liability is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.  Pay Rochester tickets here