NAVTEQ a Media Company?

NAVTEQ wants to become a media company but has no intention of selling directly to consumers. I scratch my head hearing the contradiction? I was at the Navteq Connections Conference today and heard some contradictions in strategy and customer focus. As long as they continue to have a developer-centric approach they will continue to fall behind.  Developers need a platform that has wide adoption like Android.  I am not sure that just a platform encourages developers to use it without some unique content.

Google Maps realizes its unique content and Navteq is far from a media company.  Media companies are all about unique content creation similar to what it had   However, it seems to want to morph this organization into an ad network. What's missing to become a media company? Content and eyeball creation.  Navteq needs to take a more aggressive stance in the online publishing world if they truly want to become a media company.  They should be buying companies like and and provide proprietary content for their customers. Navteq seems content trying to court the large automotive car companies like Ford who are 5 years behind in the content business from smartphones.