How Many US Cities Use Red Light Cameras

fat cat 7%
Percentage of US Cities Who Use "Fat Cat" Automated Traffic Photo Enforcement

7% of US cities are now using some type of "fat cat" automated traffic enforcement to fund deficits and spending budgets that are out of control.  Fines average between $50-$500 across the US and most cities view the cameras as major "cash cows".   We estimate the US tickets from photo enforcement will approach $1 Billion dollars in the next few years. There are approximately 19,355 cities in the US according to the US Census done in 2000.   According to our photo enforcement database that we have been operating for the last 10 years (since 2000) there are approximately 1,300 cities (7%) using some time of red light camera or photo enforced traffic automation device.  For a full list of cities in the United States and Canada that use an automated photo, enforcement searches our red light camera database.

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