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Unfortunately, we are not the company or city that collects the ridiculous amount of tickets revenue nor do we operate the camera locations.  However, before you pay your fine that ranges from $50-$500 for red light camera tickets, we recommend reading one of our many blog posts about "Fighting Red Light Camera Tickets" to see if you qualify to fight the ticket. 

For some visitors who don't take the time to read "About Us", we often receive strange email questions since we own the domain Photo Enforced and visitors often mistake us for being "Big Brother".  Typically questions include:  Can look up and see if I received a ticket?  Or how do I pay for my ticket?   My answer is always you need to contact your local courthouse in the city where the violation may have occurred or go to one of the locations listed at the bottom. 

This leads me to the question of customer service management for the municipalities running the programs. I think there needs to be a national destination website for "customers" (aka individuals who have received tickets) to log into a central database and find out if they received a ticket and how to pay the fine. Guilty drivers do not want to wait two weeks to receive the notice and might even want to modify the physical mailing address tied to the vehicle to avoid employer or owner conflicts. I think the implementation of such a program would result in improved payment recovery for the cities.  

Here are some links to the various payment websites for the camera operators and cities below.

RedFlex - Photo Notice
City of Frederick Ticket Viewer

This is a screen show of the welcome screen you will see on

photo notice payment