Why Our Competitors Claim Crowdsourcing Sucks

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I have to laugh every time I see one of our competitors claim: "Our red light camera database is the best because OUR locations are verified."  It's a big fat lie and a half-truth.  Here is a recent quote by a "no-name" company in their press release:   "Unlike other safety cameras that use inferior databases which often depend heavily on unqualified and frequently incorrect user input, or old, expired data, the database contains data points that are continually verified through research and a network of professionals. The new camera locations are not just added to, earlier data points but are verified for continued relevance and are removed if they are found to be no longer in force. Our database was named the most accurate safety cam database in a recent category test."

10 things you should substantiate before licensing data from a competitive red light camera database:

1) Verification of 3,000-7,000 locations with all 500+ cities, municipalities, and counties is a LIE.

2) No sources or history for their data being added, removed, and/or methodology for gathering data (thieves)

3) No info on the number of locations in the database (fear of being incomplete)

4) No volunteers on the ground in the hundreds of municipalities (no goodwill)

5) No press coverage and blogger or user credibility (because they copy)

6) Refusal to have a "bake-off" competition to substantiate their data (fear of being wrong)

7) We were the U.S. pioneers in 2001 which is 3 times longer than any competitor (late to the game)

8) PhotoEnforced.com has had well over one million people visit our site (brand recognition)

9) Google Street maps pictures are old and cannot verify new cameras (nice try)

10) Business models borrowed from Europe which has 40K (5x) locations (Google Ads changing the game)

We have by far the most complete database of 7000+ locations contrary to what the companies with deep pockets and PR will try to promote. What our competitors don't know is that we have a public database and a private database for our customers. Our public database is 95% accurate but there are some phantom locations purposely inserted to keep thieves from copying the entire database which has been done many times. Just to be clear we encourage individual users to download and use the data in their local markets and give us accurate feedback for free.

Over time we eventually ferret out false locations because of our enormous consumer reach of nearly 1,000 ticketed drivers per each day visit our website. We think more than half of people who think they receive tickets look online at our site for sources to verify the locations and come to our site first from a Google search engine query.  Also, we have had numerous former employees from each company tell us that they in fact they use Photoenforced.com as their primary source of data.

If any competitors would like to post a rebuttal to my accusations please do so below.