Illegal Right Turns

Photo enforcement of illegal right turns is starting to become very popular among the cities. Illegal right turns are made when a sign clearly states "no right on red" or "after stopping a right turn is permitted on red."  Illegal rolling right turns are when a driver does not come to a "complete stop" before making the turn. Illegal right turns are when the driver makes a right turn on red regardless if they came to a complete stop.  It's a very grey area what a complete stop is but I have been told it's anything under 7MPH.    We would appreciate any feedback from drivers around the Country to clarify this below under comments.

City's are using traditional red-light camera technology and you can get a photo enforced ticket for an illegal right turn and they are cash cows.  It's by far the biggest moneymaker for most cities.   The fines in California are ($159) and right turn cameras are also being used in Missouri ($100), Tennessee ($100), Texas ($75), and Maryland ($75).

These right turn photo enforced intersections often surprise drivers because there are not very many intersections currently regulated. These intersections usually prevent drivers from turning right who might have limited visibility or might be moving at a speed that is unsafe. I still haven't figured out why rolling right turns is such a big deal that they have to be photo enforced. It's possible that bikers or pedestrians often are frequenting the sidewalks or streets and the cities want drivers to be extra cautious.