Failure to Stop on Red Ticket

stop here on red photo enforcement

How much does a Failure to Stop on Red ticket cost?  We have over 170 locations in our database (as of February 2010) around the US in and the fine ranges from $50 on the East Coast and up to $350 on the West Coast in California.   The amount of the fine is set by each city and would recommend you search for "Right Turn Cameras" in our open database at to get a better idea of what it will be in your city.

Illegal rolling right turns are when a driver does not come to a "complete stop" before making the turn. These turns result in a ticket when the driver makes a right turn on red regardless if they came to a complete stop. It's a very "grey area" what a "complete stop" is but I have been told it's anything under 7MPH.  If you are traveling over 7MPH measured by the camera pictured above you will likely get a ticket.

Photo enforcement of illegal right turns or failure to stop on red is becoming a very popular revenue source among many cities around the US. Illegal right turns are made when a sign clearly states "no right on red" or "after stopping a right turn is permitted on red' or "stop here on red" (pictured above).

We would appreciate any feedback from drivers around the Country to clarify this below under comments.