Red Light Cameras on Google Street View would like to help Google Street View and contribute our database of fixed red light camera locations for the U.S. We have built the database organically over the last 8 years since 2001 and think of the Google Map users would like to have access to the data. I was originally hoping to verify locations that contributed to our open database on Google Street View. It then became apparent that some of the Street View images are not up-to-date. For example, I did a Google Street View search for Rosecrans Ave & Hindry Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250 and was unable to locate the red light camera that is currently installed. I drew an image of where the camera location should be located above. already has thousands of red-light cameras already published on a Google map for view and it would be great to get this data syndicated onto Google Maps so I could use the data on my Google Android phone on T-Mobile.