Redflex helps issue 1.5m tickets per year

Redflex is helping to dole out about 4,000 traffic citations per day, or just under 1.5 million per year. The company's cut per ticket varies by city, but in its hometown, Scottsdale, Redflex pockets about $40 from each $180 red-light fine on average. Redflex has 600 cameras in 87 cities in six states. Roughly 200 more will be installed this year. It has 60 cameras in Chicago. More than 40 percent of all traffic cameras installed in the U.S. are Redflex. Redflex had $26 million in revenue last year, has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies within an industry whose growth potential it believes is staggering. The industry could someday become a $3 billion juggernaut, Redflex recently told analysts.