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The find is $50 if your car fails to clear the intersection and you block pedestrian traffic. 

Washington DC - Speed Cameras, Red Light Cameras, Crosswalk Cameras, Stop Sign Cameras & Toll Road Cameras
Chicago, Illinois - Speed Cameras, Red Light Cameras, Stop Sign Cameras & Toll Road Cameras
Washington DC has surpassed Chicago this year as the most densely populated photo enforced city.  They no have by far the most speed cameras, stop sign cameras and red light cameras per capital.  Washington DC Speed Cameras Chicago Speed Cameras.  Chicago can definitely thank Rahm Emanuel for the huge increase in camera activity.  Who does Washington DC have to thank for the increase in cameras?   

E-Z Pass & Fastrak Use Photo Enforcement to Catch Drivers Who Don't Pay Toll Road or Toll Bridge Fines. The administration fee is typically between $25 and $55 dollars plus the toll(s) you may have missed. I believe Fastrak does enable you to remove the fines if you purchase a transponder and fund an account.  
If your car does not have a transponder similar to this above you might have received a ticket if you were on a toll road and did not pay the fee.  Or if you were on a bridge and drove through without paying.  
You have the option to pay with coins or dollar bills at a bin like this.  Does it always work?  That is a question for someone else. 
A toll road ticket is different that the 3+ HOV violation fine which is $271 below.  This is for driving an HOV lane but is only enforced by an police office who pulls you over.