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Top Red Light Camera Mobile Apps & Reviews

1)  Waze - It is no surprise that Waze is #1 since Google bought the company for $1.2B.  The app is free but there red light camera data is a little suspect as they focus mainly on traffic and routing.  They are missing many red light camera and speed camera locations.  
2)  Trapster - Purchased by Navteq is another app that is widely used but focuses mainly on mobile speed traps and real time police updates.  Trapster was purchased by Navteq many years ago and has a lot of cameras in their database.  
3)  TomTom - Has a strong presence in Europe but has limited data in the USA.  They lack many locations in the USA and have a number of false positives in their database.  The app cost is $24.99.   4)  iRadar by Cobra - Requires a radar detector as well on the dash to be used.  We don't know much about the product as we have not purchased their radar detector.  The app is free but requires the purchase of a radar detector.  
5)  Scout by Telenav -  Free app that had a number of carrier deals to get users.  Not clear on the quality of their red light camera data.  
6)  Magellan Roadmade - Expense app $44.99 in iTunes store and $34.99 for Android.  Its not clear to me what their differentiator is or why you would buy this premium app.    

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