RIM Removes Drunk Driving Checkpoint Apps

Following yesterday's letter from four U.S. senators that asked Apple, Google, and Research In Motion to remove applications that could help drunken drivers evade police checkpoints and other law enforcement efforts, RIM has agreed to the request, saying such applications will soon be removed from its BlackBerry App World.

We think this is a good move considering these applications promote the evasion of law enforcement.  It's important to differentiate that PhotoEnforced.com does not have any mobile applications and we wholesale our data to mapping and traffic application apps.  Photo Enforcement is widely used throughout the US and knowing where these locations are is not so you can speed or run red lights.  Its because people drive erratically around these locations and there are many fender benders at these intersections.  Red light camera and speed camera locations alter the behavior of drivers and make them nervous.  Knowing where drivers may have a propensity to be erratic is an important part of defensive driving.