11 MPH Over The Speed Limit Is The Real Limit

Drivers are flashed if they go 11 mph or more over the 65 mph speed limit. Only about 43 percent of drivers who trigger freeway speed-enforcement cameras have received speeding tickets. The Scottsdale loop 101 cameras have flashed a total of 124,809 drivers in the past five months, only 53,819 of which have been processed as citations in Scottsdale City Court. As many as 16,937 drivers have paid fines or attended defensive driving schools. Scottsdale collects $75 of every $120 or so paid to driving schools. More than half of the total camera flashes recorded at six locations between Scottsdale Road and Shea Boulevard, about 57 percent, have not been processed by Scottsdale City Court. The court receives as many as 825 photo enforcement citations every day, from both surface streets and the freeway, up from about 200 per day before the Loop 101 test.